MFW-K… Ll is for Leaf


We just wrapped up the third unit of My Father’s World A to Z of God’s Creation. The letter Ll was our focus this week and learning all about leaves and plant life. We had fun looking at different trees, and the different parts of a plant. We even took a field trip up to the beautiful Rocky Mountains to see the changing colors of the aspen trees. Continue reading


MFW-K… Ss is for Sun!


My Father’s World‘s God’s Creation from A to Z curriculum is broken into six day unit studies. Each unit has a main study that is tied into a bible concept.  I love that everything we are studying is all tied in together. We had fun  incorporating our bible concept into our studies about the sun. In this unit we made raisins, made sun prints, and chased shadows. This week we studied the Sun. Our bible concept for the week is “Jesus is the light of the world”. Continue reading

MFW Kindergarten – Creation Week

MFW-KWe have successfully completed our first week of kindergarten using My Father’s World God’s Creation from A to Z. The first ten days is a gentle introduction of school while studying about God’s creation. This unit is designed to be done in ten days but we combined the unit into seven days instead of ten. It also does an introduction into the alphabet, however my son already knows his ABC’s as well as most of the phonic sounds for the letters so we briefly covered this area. Continue reading

What’s In The Box – MFW K

MFW Deluxe PackageThis is our first year using My Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum, I am so excited for this fun, hands-on learning experience. I will be starting this in August with my soon to be 5 year old ( he will be 5 at the end of August). I hope to have weekly updates on each unit as we progress through out the school year. For this post, I wanted to show what was in the box and how I am organizing it. 
Continue reading