My THM Journey – 1 Month Update

My THM JourneyIt has been one month since I started my Trim Healthy Mama journey. There has been lots stumbles and learning along the way (and lots more to go) but I am happy to be on this journey. To be honest, there is SO much information to take in, it can be very overwhelming, I am not sure if I would have been so successful if it was not for the help of all my THM sisters on my facebook group. Following these bunch of wonderful ladies you quickly start to learn the ropes. Any advice I can offer for newbies, is to stick it out, reference The Building Blocks, have your book on hand at all times and ASK, any questions you have.. ask the ladies on Facebook or in the Forum. Someone will help guide you!

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My Trim Healthy Mama Journey – The Beginning

20140626-162321-59001944.jpgI have successfully completed my first week of Trim Healthy Mama (and 2 weeks with no Coffee-Mate creamer!Yay!), It’s  been a lot of learning and baby steps but I am starting to get the hang of it, although I am far from being an expert. I first heard of Trim Healthy Mama (THM) from a friend and immediately started researching it. I joined the facebook group and was amazed at all of the successful stories… I was thrilled to see that these were not testimonies from paid actress but from the people themselves, posting their own stories and pictures of their success. I was so excited and ordered my book from Amazon and patiently waited for its arrival. Continue reading