DIY Chalkboard Jars

IMG_3506We eat a lot of peanut butter in this house (the kids love it) but what to do with all of the Smucker® jars that I had laying around? I decided to Up-cycle the jars. These cute Do-It-Yourself jars makes a great addition to my kitchen to hold all of my THM ingredients.


I first removed all of the labeling from the jar (after all the peanut butter has been eaten of course). Often the label does not completely rub off, you can buy special adhesive removal but if you have nail polish remover around the house, it will work just as well. Once I removed the label and adhesive from the glass, I painted the lids using chalk board spray paint. You can really use any paint of choice but I like the idea that I can write on the lid with the contents. I used this spray paint that can found at Walmart or any craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

Spray Chalkboard Paint


Once your lids are dry you will need to prime it with chalk


You simply just rub chalk all over the paint. IMG_3090

It was so simple and quick… I use them to store THM Pure Stevia, almond flour, beans, nuts, really any ingredients I need storing. I haven’t had any issues washing the painted lids in the dishwasher, score!



The kids love their PB&J’s, we also have several of the Smuckers® jelly jars laying around. I love the different colored lids and decided not to paint them. I use them to store spices I buy in bulk from Sprouts such as my cinnamon and ground ginger.


I hope you enjoy this simple and easy craft!



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