MFW-K… Ll is for Leaf


We just wrapped up the third unit of My Father’s World A to Z of God’s Creation. The letter Ll was our focus this week and learning all about leaves and plant life. We had fun looking at different trees, and the different parts of a plant. We even took a field trip up to the beautiful Rocky Mountains to see the changing colors of the aspen trees.

Leaf Motto

The first day of the unit, we took a walk in our neighborhood collecting leaves and looking at the different types of trees. We studied the parts of the trees learning all about the trunk, bark, limbs, branches, and leaves.


We collected several different types of leaves and brought them home to learn what type of trees were in our neighborhood.


For art we had so much fun painting outside using leaves to paint with. Using tempera paints for this art lesson my son made a tree.



One of the best parts of this unit was taking a field trip to Rocky Mountain National Park to see the changing aspen trees. Spending the day in God’s beautiful country we enjoyed not only seeing the beautiful colors but we had a picnic in the mountains, took a hike, and even saw some elk.




You can check out my YouTube playlist for extras to add to your leaf study.

Thanks for taking a hike with us, I would love to hear how yours went!


“Remember in me, and I will remain in you… If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love… My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you” John 15:4,10,12


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