DIY Rocking Chair

DIY Chair_edited-1
When I turned one year old (many moons ago) my parents gave me a rocking chair for my first birthday. I have held onto this chair all this time and as I got older I wanted to pass it down to my daughter. Well three  boys later I was wondering if I would ever have a girl to pass it to… last August we were blessed with our only daughter. I love me boys but there is nothing like having a little girl in the house! Her first birthday just passed a week ago and this summer my husband and I have been working on refurbishing my old rocking chair to give to our precious princess for her birthday. This is the first time we had ever refurbish furniture and I was so pleased with the outcome. 


BeforeBefore ProfileFirst be began by removing the old fabric and sanded down the wood. Once it was sanded we used spray primer that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. After a few coats of primer and we began to spray using White gloss spray paint. I purchased this as well as Hobby Lobby but it can be purchased at Walmart as well. Spray PaintIt took several coats and a few days of spraying and letting it dry in between coats. I found fabric at Hobby Lobby that I just fell in love, we cut the fabric using the old fabric as a guide to the size we  needed. We then used a staple gun to staple the fabric to the bottom of the chair. fabric

It was super easy and all together took about 5 days to complete (of course our 5 days was spread out over a month).


The Birthday Girl loved her new chair! Birthday Girl




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