MFW Kindergarten – Creation Week

MFW-KWe have successfully completed our first week of kindergarten using My Father’s World God’s Creation from A to Z. The first ten days is a gentle introduction of school while studying about God’s creation. This unit is designed to be done in ten days but we combined the unit into seven days instead of ten. It also does an introduction into the alphabet, however my son already knows his ABC’s as well as most of the phonic sounds for the letters so we briefly covered this area.

There are no worksheets during this week and most of it is creative with the Creation coloring numbers and creating a Creation book. However it did have a music section for this unit which includes learning “This is Our Father’s World” hymn, my kinder is not much of a singer but he did enjoy listening to the song. I found a couple YouTube videos as well as I made an playlist on Amazon Prime’s music app to listen to different variations of the hymn. I did catch my two year old singing along with the videos which was so adorable, but as soon as I try to record him, he stopped. We also sang, “The B-I-B-L-E” song, “Bingo,” and “Old McDonald had a Farm” all songs that my kids were already familiar with but we still enjoyed singing and dancing to the music (ok maybe me more than my non-singing kinder)!

Each day we covered one day of creation starting with day 1, day and night.

MFW-K Creation Week



With each day’s creation pages we created a Creation Book. I printed up a cover sheet in word and laminated it to make it a hard cover. Then I placed a sheet of card-stock for the back, holed punched the top of the sheets and bind with rubber-bands (its all I had). It s a cute keepsakes to share with the Grandparents!




With the creation numbers, we taped together four sheets of construction to make a fold up display. I got this idea from Little Things of Texas blog I found through Pinterest.



We had lots of fun learning all about God’s creation this week. Don’t forget to check out my MFW-K resource page here!







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