What’s In The Box – MFW K

MFW Deluxe PackageThis is our first year using My Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum, I am so excited for this fun, hands-on learning experience. I will be starting this in August with my soon to be 5 year old ( he will be 5 at the end of August). I hope to have weekly updates on each unit as we progress through out the school year. For this post, I wanted to show what was in the box and how I am organizing it. 
 I purchased both the Deluxe package and the literature package from My Father’s World, you can read more about our curriculum for this year here. I first started by placing all of the student sheets in a 1.5″ binder. I purchased mine from Staples, I love this binder!

MFW-K1 Student Sheets

I have decided to organize the first half of the year (Intro – Unit# 13) in a bin with hanging folders for each unit, I have placed the student sheets, literature book, and any other items needed in the folder. The second half of the year is still in the binder and I have decided that as we progress through out the year I will add my son’s completed work to the binder to make it his collection of work.


Inside Bin

I also have a miscellaneous folder to hold often used sheets, such as the Blend Letter, ABC chart and short vowels. However, I plan on purchasing a small cork board to hang most of these stuff up on the wall. I laminated these sheets but first I colored the blend ladder to give it a little bit of color.



This is what we have started so far, I am sure I will have more tweaks in the coming week, Once we have the cork-board and rest of my school supplies I will update on our “classroom”, we don’t have a designated classroom as we do most of our work on the kitchen table  and areas of the house. 🙂



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