2014-2015 Curriculum

2014-15-Blog-TitleIt’s that time to be finalizing our curriculum for next year and with my oldest staring high school and my second oldest starting kindergarten I have so much mix emotions for this upcoming year but one thing I know is what curriculum I will be using. 


First, KINDERGARTEN!! Yes this will be my first year starting at this level as my oldest didn’t start his homeschool journey until 6th grade. We have decided on My Father’s World (MFW). I am also very excited to start MFW as this is my first year using them. I love the idea of being able to combined multi-grades into one lesson and the bible foundation that MFW brings! As well as being a wonderful blend of Charlotte Mason, Classical, and unit studies. MFW offers two different packages for kindergarten, basic or deluxe. We chose to purchase the deluxe version that comes with all the same items as the basic but also includes the What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs book, butterfly garden, ant hill, Say Hello to Classical Music CD, and ant hill kits, inflatable globe, Cuisenaire® Rods and the Cuisenaire® Rods Alphabet Book, and For the Children’s Sake, by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. Look out for future updates on how the curriculm and kindergarten is going and a post of “What’s In the Curriculm.

MFW-K also offers a literature package to go along with the curriculum. I debated between purchasing the lit kit or getting all of the books at the library. Most of the books can be found at the library or similar books can be used. In the end I decided to purchase the literature package. I have two more children to use this curriculum after this year and I felt that having the books readily available was worth it.

9th Grade – High School Freshman

My my ninth grade we will be doing MFW Ancient History & Literature (AHL), this curriculum is 3 credits covering History, English, and Bible. He will earn 1 credit for each of the subjects covered in this material. AHL covers ancient history and Old Testament.

For science he will earn 1 credit with Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology. We will be utilizing MFW lesson plans as well as attending a co-op class once a week. We purchased our curriculum directly from MFW website but it can also be purchased directly from Apologia. This year they have the Student Notebook available for this curriculum, although we did not purchase for this year we have used the Student Notebooks the last two years and I found it very helpful to promote independent work and help strengthen the lessons. Who knows, I may end up purchasing it later down the rode.

My 9th grader will be working Math-U-See Geometry, this upcoming year. This will be our third year using MUS and my son has been learning a lot as well as retaining the material. Didn’t see any reason to change it. He will earn 1 credit for math using this curriculum.

For Spanish he will earn 1 credit for Rosetta Stone’s Homeschool edition. We also purchased this through MFW website along with the MFW lesson plans. MFW provides lesson plans that include additional activities that will give my 9th grader 1 full credit in Spanish.

Lastly, we will be a 1/2 credit in Logic using the Fallacy Detective and The Thinking Toolbox. These two books are an introduction to Logic that can be done in a fun family setting.

This will be give my highschooler a total 6 1/2 credits for his freshman year. I think this will be a fun and exciting year with lots of learning for this mama. I am excited to watch my son grow with the Lord into a young man. I will also be doing lots of creative hands on activities with my kindergartner, along with my two year old and soon to be one year old. It will be a busy but fun year. I hope to give you lots of updates on what we are up to. Look forward to my “What’s In The Box” review of My Father’s World AHL!


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