My Trim Healthy Mama Journey – The Beginning

20140626-162321-59001944.jpgI have successfully completed my first week of Trim Healthy Mama (and 2 weeks with no Coffee-Mate creamer!Yay!), It’s  been a lot of learning and baby steps but I am starting to get the hang of it, although I am far from being an expert. I first heard of Trim Healthy Mama (THM) from a friend and immediately started researching it. I joined the facebook group and was amazed at all of the successful stories… I was thrilled to see that these were not testimonies from paid actress but from the people themselves, posting their own stories and pictures of their success. I was so excited and ordered my book from Amazon and patiently waited for its arrival. In the mean time I cut out the Italian Sweet Cream Coffee-Mate creamer… this was a HUGE accomplishment as I am a self proclaim coffee addict. I simply love it with lots and lots of cream or as my husband would say “my cup of creamer with a splash of coffee!” I would drink coffee twice a day, maybe three if I was craving it. So I finished my remaining container and bought some almond milk. Although I cut the creamer from my diet, I didn’t official kick sugar to the curb until June, 19. It really hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. THM is not really about being on a strict diet but about learning how, what,  and when to eat. Trim Healthy Mama was written by two homeschooling christian women, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison, who looked to the bible and determine what kinds of whole foods our bodies where designed for. The took that knowledge and applied it to science and developed a plan to either help with weight loss, health, and overall wellness. Below is a description from the THM website.

“Authors Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett provide a comprehensive, Biblically-sound, effective and delicious way to eat for health and weight loss. Written with humor and thorough research, this book will entertain, enlighten and encourage women (and men!) to feed their bodies and souls the way God created us to thrive. Separating scientific realities from the fads, this book addresses the diverse needs of adults and growing children. You’ll never look at food and health the same way again.”

There are a few things I have found to be extremely helpful in this journey to health and overall wellness. You can search Facebook. Pinterest, and blogs to get a general idea of the THM lifestyle but you will need the book to implement it. It’s an awesome book that not only gives you the foundation, the plan for success, but also includes recipes and much much more! You can order you own copy of Trim Healthy Mama in paperback or instant download on their website or on Amazon. When ordering it on Amazon, I was quoted a 3 week delivery however I actually received it in 8 days.

Join the Facebook group or The Trim Healthy Mama’s forum! It is not just a group but a community of THM sister’s always there to help you with questions you’re unsure about or clarifying something from the book. Someone will jump on and answer your question fairly quickly. I often see Pearl answering questions or giving praise! It’s wonderful to see the authors so involved!

Download and print Gwen’s Nest THM Quick Start Guide, she has a lot of useful tips, grocery list, and ideas for starting the plan. Her blog also offers several different recipes.

Download and print The Building Blocks located in the files section on the Facebook group. I printed these building blocks, laminated them and hung them on the inside of my pantry door. This has been a huge help when determining if my meal is an E, S, or FP and praying I did not Crossover!

Building Blocks


I downloaded the TwoGrand app to my Iphone and it is such a blessing. If you want to keep a journal of all the food you eat in a day, g20140626-205628-75388141.jpget ideas of other foods, and track your weight, this app is for you! At first, I liked this app to help me find what other people where eating but now I love it to journal my food. I simply take a picture of my food and enter a brief description including the fuel type (E,S, or FP) and then I have a nice record along with a time stamp. If I start to feel hungry I can look and make sure it has been three hours and what type of fuel I should target (if I don’t already have it planned out). You can follow me @THM_Adrianne 

Lastly, the planner in me set out to create a form I can use to plan out our weekly meals. It is a huge time saver to pre-plan my weekly meals. It helps me when grocery shopping to ensure I have all of the ingredients need and relieves the daily stress of “what to eat”. Now of course this menu is not set in stone and sometime life happens and I have to deviate but it does help to have some guidance. I created this weekly menu form.

Weekly THM Menu


1 Week Update

Now that I have gave you a few of my favorite tools for getting started with Trim Healthy Mama, here is my first week update:

First,I have really enjoyed trying new recipes and my family has loved the new recipes I have made and are surprised when they find out what some of the ingredients are, like in the Special Agent Brownies Cake  (p. 382) or Fooled Ya Pizza (p. 276). My personal favorite Fat Stripping Frappa (p. 240), Yum Yum!

Two weeks ago I cut out coffee creamer and officially started THM last week, since then I have lost a total of 5 lbs! That might not seem like much but it is the lowest I have been since I had my daughter (10 months ago). I am excited to see where I will be after a month. Now I will be brave (very brave) by showing you picture of me at my starting point! Yikes I can’t believe I’m posting this but I hope it will be of some encouragement to others… one day I hope to not despise the way I look in pictures (I know I know we are our own worse critics)! 🙂


Thank you for taking the time to read my THM beginning, leave a comment and let me know where you are on yours! God Bless!

DISCLOSURE: I am not affiliated with any of the companies,products, other blogs posted on my blog nor am I reimbursed. This is solely my opinions.

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